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How Fat-Burning Works and How To Do IT!

If you want to melt away body fat, you should first understand how it works.  We lay out how fat storage and burning works, then give 4 principles to fight it, with a list of things you can do and track to make your fat melting effective!

Instinctive Human Physical Attraction Rubric

There are all kinds of people who think all kinds of body types and features make up what they consider “hot” or sexually appealing; but are sexual features subjective and relative, or is there something engraved in the human mind that guides the human species into certain qualities that are, in fact, objectively and universally…

Diet Is King, and here is The King Diet

There is nothing more critical for the health of the human body than the diet.  You can lose weight, burn body fat, and or gain muscle, all from what you eat.  It can also quickly or slowly kill you.  When it comes to health and fitness, your diet is paramount!  So, HERE is a perfect,…

What does science say about the best way to building muscle?

Here are some guidelines set forth by findings in studies about building muscle.  These guidelines can be useful for creating a routine and exposing “for profit” exercise programs that harp on “You’ll lose all this weight!” but you are really just burning and losing muscle for energy.  Build muscle, get toned, and doing it the…

Want Perkier Boobs?

This is a struggle for some women.  Some women lose a lot of weight and it causes their boobs to look saggy.  For other women, their boobs are just large, which over time, begins to sag.  There are workouts for that.  Workouts that naturally lift your boobs and makes them more perky.

Best 2020 Fitness Presidential Candidate

We don’t really get into politics but seeing as how politicians shut down our gyms and preach about how important health and hygiene is, it’s kinda relates.  Here we will look at the candidate who would be best for the health and fitness industry, given their track record.

The Bench Press Arch Debate

For some reason there are all kinds of people who debate about the proper form of how to do the chest Bench Press the best.  Seen some pretty odd videos with some weird forms and everyone attempts to justify everything.  BUT, let’s look at the actual science and studies behind the proper bench press form.

Here’s Why Doing Cardio without Dieting is Less Effective

A lot of people think that if they just do a lot of cardio with the goal of losing weight, without evaluating their dietary habits, they will lose weight.  Most of those people end of giving up after a few weeks anyway.  Why doing cardio without dieting is less effective.

The Bare Essentials of an Effective Routine

If you are looking to get back into working out after a long time off, or getting into shape for the first time, these are the bare basic essentials for any and all effective routines.

Supplement Review: Betancourt B-NOX

From the Manufacturer: “Since 2009 B-NOX™ has been an industry leader in the pre-workout category and Betancourt Nutrition® continues this tradition with its newest edition of B-NOX® formulated to deliver the same great energy and intensity youʼve come to expect from B-NOX® plus our unique Ripped Juice® blend for weight management support.† Ripped Juice® has…

Do Masks Work?

Part of diet and fitness is your overall health.  With so much hoopla about COVID and Face-masks, we want to know, supported by reliable data driven experts, if wearing a face-mask works, or does not work, or risks more harm or less harm; and how that can help you plan your safe, lower risk, workouts…

Women, stop with the weird selfies…

Just as the guys got roasted (Dudes, stop with the weird selfies…), Yes, women, it’s your turn.  With all the comments and messages we’ve received from around the world.  It’s time to call out all you females who take those annoying, awkward, weird, selfies!

Gluten-Free Diet?

We see so many things in the health isles that are “gluten-free,” like Gluten is some newly discovered plague that everyone suddenly wants to avoid.  What exactly is gluten and should it be avoided?  We will settle this issue.